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Analytical Software
for Professionals

Today, data processing is part of everyday life for organisations in virtually every sector. Therefore, it is important to have tools to collect and analyse data and make results available to recipients to allow them to act efficiently and effectively. Predictive Solutions uses world renowned IBM SPSS components to create solutions that address the needs of users and institutions. Based on clients’ comments and our own experience, we produce solutions that elevate usability and functionality to a new level.

  • PS QUAESTIO PRO – a comprehensive environment, fully integrable with your IT infrastructure. It uses UNICOM® technology to carry out survey research. The system provides support at all stages of the study: from construction of questionnaires, to CAWI, MOBI, CATI, and CAPI data collection, to basic and advanced data analysis, to drafting an analytical report in the form of a dashboard or a print out.

    Main components of PS QUAESTIO PRO:

  • PS Desktop – the central application of the solution that supports organisation of data collection and analysis and reporting
  • UNICOM® Intelligence Author (formerly known as IBM SPSS Data Collection Author) – a flexible questionnaire design tool
  • PS QUAESTIO Pack PRO – an abundant set of procedures that improve functionality and user-friendliness of the data collection process
  • UNICOM® Intelligence Interviewer – Web (formerly known as IBM SPSS Data Collection Web Interviews) – a modern and universal environment to manage and carry out the data collection process using questionnaires
  • PS IMAGO PRO – a comprehensive analysis and reporting solution that facilitates advanced analysis of data from questionnaire studies and effective distribution of results of the analysis.
  • PS IMAGO PRO – a comprehensive analysis and reporting solution based on IBM SPSS Statistics® that facilitates instantaneous creation and publication of professional ad hoc and periodically updated analytical reports.
    PS IMAGO PRO consists of:
  • PS Desktop – a solution management application that supports organisation of analysis and reporting
  • PS IMAGO – an analytical engine based on IBM SPSS Statistics® that provides data access and a wide array of analytical techniques with an additional set of procedures used to prepare and analyse data and visualise results, PS IMAGO Pack PRO.
  • PS IMAGO Designer – an application used to prepare and publish dashboards and document-based reports; it supports the user in the process of defining report structure and creating and managing content, while also facilitating editing and unrestricted arrangement of result objects.
  • PS IMAGO Portal – a report (dashboard) distribution and publication environment that may be installed within an organisation’s infrastructure to provide users with access to the published report via a standard web browser.
  • PS IMAGO Process – a component that facilitates automated creation and scheduling of periodic reports.
  • PS CLEMENTINE PRO – based on IBM SPSS Modeler®, a world renowned data mining and big data analysis environment. The architecture of the solution ensures flexible adjustments to organisational requirements and integration of predictive analyses with business processes and systems.
    PS CLEMENTINE PRO consists of:
  • PS Desktop – a solution management application that supports organisation of the analysis process. It is dedicated both to analysts who prepare analyses and construct analytical processes and business users who run analytical processes on computers without any analytical engine
  • IBM SPSS Modeler® – a predictive analysis interface and engine used for data mining and big data. It ensures integration with databases and provides a wide set of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical techniques with numerous forms of result visualisation and reporting
  • PS CLEMENTINE Database – a repository for managing analytical resources, including storage in a definable structure, publishing, group work, versioning, extended descriptions with text notes and key words, and advanced search.
  • PS CLEMENTINE Scheduler – a component to automatise and schedule analytical processes stored in the PS CLEMENTINE Database.
  • PS SYMOBIS – a universal Case Management System. The flexible architecture of this solution facilitates adaptation to handle cases within many business processes. PS SYMOBIS supports all functions necessary for efficient case management, including:
  • Cases – creation (manual or automatic for example via predictive selecting systems), categorisation, assigning, prioritisation, assigning status, closure
  • Case handling result feedback record (e.g. for scoring)
  • Tasks – creation, assignment, reminders
  • Investigations – special tasks related to a case
  • Users – groups, privileges, substitutions
  • Notifications – new alerts, change of owner, closure, delays
  • Document and form templates
  • Case monitoring and management reporting
  • Closed case archive
  • Integration with organisation’s IT infrastructure