Training courses



Predictive Solution’s (formerly SPSS Polska) Training Centre was established 20 years ago. It offers training on data analysis and it’s practical applications. The scope of training is very wide from statistics 101 to data mining. The training staff are experienced consultants who acquired their knowledge in the field and use it every day. They are practitioners fanatically involved in what they do who are ready and willing to share their experience.


Our training portfolio spans several areas:

  • IBM SPSS Statistics or PS IMAGO PRO – training courses designed for those who want to use IBM SPSS Statistics or PS IMAGO PRO more efficiently and analyse data and construct and distribute reports with these applications
  • Statistical Data Analysis –training courses that will show you how to use descriptive statistics and multidimensional data analysis techniques. They focus on in-depth presentation of individual techniques, their advantages, and requirements using hands-on examples
  • Survey Studies – training courses on researcher’s tools and techniques from preparation of study projects, selection of the sample, construction of a questionnaire, study implementation, to result analysis and reporting
  • Marketing and Analytical CRM – a set of training courses that combine business and analytical knowledge. They focus on the application of data analysis to specific business issues in order to better understand customers and their behaviour
  • Data Mining – these training courses focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. They focus on how to use advanced analytical algorithms to build predictive models.


Our training courses are not only for those who conduct analyses but also for users who want to be introduced to data analysis. By participating in Predictive Solutions training, you will learn key statistical techniques and, what is most important, acquire skills to use them in practice.  In summary, our training will provide you with a fast-track to conducting your own independent and in-depth data analysis.



We work hand in hand with our clients to better understand and specify their business problems, assess usefulness of available data, select the right analytical tools, build a relevant analytical model and implement it. Our team of experts are available to help our clients navigate this whole process from setting business goals and information needs to implementation of systems that aid decision-making. Together with our clients we can carry out selected stages of such projects or implement the project as a whole. 


  • Assessment of information needs – we help create plans to implement analytical solutions that aid business processes by providing the necessary knowledge in the form of reports or recommendations. We support our clients in selecting the necessary data, analytical techniques, and approach for specific business goals.


  • Data audit – we help verify availability and quality of data necessary to provide analytical support of the decision-making processes. We test the data flow process, verify data continuity in time and threats related to problems with data. At this stage, we offer final structural recommendations for repositories necessary for reporting and construction of predictive models.


  • Construction of models and reports – at this stage, predictive models and reports are built to provide recommendations for specific actions. We select the right techniques of statistical data analysis and data mining to build models to recommend specific actions that will minimise risk or increase the chance of obtaining a specific business outcome. We evaluate the efficiency of the models, set criteria for their use and update and help implement them.


  • Implementation – we support or carry out implementation of analytical systems and their integration with existing IT systems. We can assist in the modelling of analytical processes and data flow streams, mapping and standardising data from various sources, and automation of data flow and analytical processes.


Our consultants will help you solve the most important business problems by building analytical models that take into consideration the specific activity of the company and adjusting models to its needs.





Our technology services include:

  • Integration of analytical solutions and IT systems – adaptation of analytical solutions to your hardware, network, and software requirements
  • Analytical repositories adapted to your business goals – they collect data necessary to support decision-making processes, analysis, and reporting in various business areas based on known data base technologies (for example Oracle, SQL Server, Teradata, DB2, and Netezza)
  • ETL processes to load data to analytical repositories – automatic processes of loading data to data bases and analytical repositories
  • Automated systems for statistical data analysis and reporting – automatic implementation of scheduled statistical analyses, data and reports to support decision-making, e.g., to aid marketing campaigns
  • Real-time scoring systems – Real Time Scoring solutions that facilitate data scoring or on-line recommendations using analytical models, business rules, or combination thereof
  • Applications and procedures used in analytical processes –preparation of purpose-built applications that support decision-making processes related to our analytical solutions